#InYourFace: Up Close and Personal, gallery now live!


I had the best invite to be a guest curator for a month with this wonderful supportive street photography collective Women In Street. I set the theme In Your Face: Up close and Personal. Images that take you in Close and pop!

I love street photography, most countries have the freedom for street photography to thrive, some people do not enjoy this freedom. I feel street photography is really important, people out there are creating a daily record of life now, the good times, the bad times and the richness of human existence.  

I have led social history projects where we researched historical images of street life. The images street photographers are making now are showing us how we live and will be our windows to the past.

Massive thank you to all who submitted images, I really enjoyed looking over the work, it was a really inspiring experience, all the women across the world engaging in street photography.


Women in Street is a multi-platform social media collaborative, a global network established in 2016, which provides a blogzine and several social media platforms. It provides a community forum, and showcases the work of emerging talent and seasoned artists. WiS functions somewhat as a “collective,” where collaborators come and go, these “members” may be short or long term contributors, handling a special project, curating, or contributing guest material for the blog.

Run by Julia Coddington Casey Meshbesher

Thank you Casey and Julia for the invitation.


Women In Street