Over the past 4 years, I have been busy selecting, editing, curating features and sharing photographers work onto the Instagram account, working with photographers who are creating work/stories all over Britain. I love doing this work, I seem to have fire in my belly to share real-life stories. I really enjoy talking to the photographers, some new to the game, some self-taught and others more established. It’s something I have always wanted to do since studying photography, to somehow build a picture of how we live, even before I joined my photography course back in 2000 I collected old issues of LIFE and PICTURE POST

We are looking at ways to develop Documenting Britain, maybe into something to have and hold.

Watch this space and our Instagram. A massive thank you to all the photographers who agree to be featured and to all who continue to submit to DB. Also all the followers, there is the best community out there who are loving the documentary work being made. I want to be able to share so much but have limited resources, this may change. There are so many people out there making wonderful work looking at real life and this fills me with more passion to keep on sharing. I think we need to see real-life in photography more than ever.

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