SOMEONES RUBBISH: Chloe Juno, Brighton and Hove, England.

Six recent photographs that I have recently shared over on Instagram

I love exploring and really looking! finding the things people chuck out. The unwanted items tossed into the street, the things discreetly dropped, the traces of life that people leave behind, sometimes giving away clues to themselves.

I have been taking daily photos for five years, and the rubbish pile is growing in size, the images together are creating patterns and stories, forming a visual representation of our life now in Brighton and Hove, England. The objects we use and then discard. I seem to be addicted to making this work, the more I see the bigger the pile gets. I also wonder what it will be like to look back at this work 50 years from now. It feels like an archaeology project, a study of human activity and analysis of material culture. A field study of a section of Brighton and Hove.

Found objects: a question, a paint pot, plug instructions, unopened rice pudding, a suitcase, body glitter, a cushion, caffeine pills, shower cap.

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#someonesrubbish #streetmuseum

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