Acurator Feature: Wild Flowers, Cornwall, Britain.

I spend so much time working with documentary photography, my flowers and plants are a visual escape for me. soaking up all the colours of nature. Thank you Julie for giving the flowers a platform on

Wild Flowers, Cornwall, Britain featured on Over the past few years I have spent holiday time in a remote location in Cornwall.  Staying in an old chalet with rough paths down to secluded wild beaches.  On my walks up and down I started to photograph the flowers and plants with just my black scarf, a few hair clips and a swiss army knife.  I spend so much time working with documentary photography and living in a city that completely zoning in to the flowers is total escapism, noticing every bit of detail.  Taking photographs, surrounded by just nature. The sun, the wind, the sound of the crickets and birds and waves crashing down below. 

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